One of the world’s largest psychiatric biobanks of biological, psychosocial and clinical data on people suffering from mental health problems

This platform allows researchers to explore the available data  to submit an online request for access.

The Centre Signature is:

  • A technological infrastructure that enables the collection of psychosocial and medical data from people afflicted with mental illness.
  • An IT system that enables the results of collected data to be distributed to treatment teams and researchers with complete confidentiality.
  • A laboratory for processing and storing biological samples which offers a biomarker analysis service.
  • An experienced team of nurses working in the field and experts in laboratory analysis and database management.


  • To advance mental health research.
  • To assess the physical and mental health of volunteers admitted to the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal.
  • To enable clinicians to tailor treatment based on meaningful psychosocial and medical indicators.

Biological data

  • Specimens are collected from participants’ blood, hair and saliva.
  • Ils sont entreposés pour être analysés ultérieurement.
  • Dans le cas des marqueurs métaboliques, ils sont analysés immédiatement et fournis aux équipes traitantes.

Psychosocial and clinical data

  • Participants answer questionnaires about their psychological, cognitive and social state.
  • Data are collected with the help of an application installed on an iPad and sent to the database in a secure manner.
  • Psychiatrists receive results for their patients on their own iPad, while the clinical team is able to consult a hard copy.

An innovative project

This project’s innovations in biomonitoring and mobile information technology will enable better prevention and treatment of mental illness through close collaboration between research and medical teams.

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