The Signature Biobank is the result of the work of a very large group of the researchers and clinicians who participated in its creation in 2012, and named Signature Consortium. Since then, new members have joined the “Signature Consortium” to maintain this resource and develop its research support mandate.

Leaders: CRIUSMM Scientific Director (Stéphane Guay), CRIUSMM Associate Researcher (Robert-Paul Juster).

Management committee: Stéphane Guay (director), Robert-Paul Juster (co-director), Charles-Edouard Giguère (statistician), Janick Boissonneault (infrastructure manager), Cécile Le Page (coordinator), Enzo Cipriani (student representative), Alexandre Hudon (resident representative).

List of Signature Consortium Members (2024)

Previous members (until 2022)