Biobanks and mental health

October 19th, 2023- 9am/4pm

Institut Universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal- (Pavillon Bédard room BE322.18)


The IUSMM Research Centre will hold a hybrid mini-conference on the importance of biobanks in mental health research. The objective is to demystify clinical data analysis on large cohorts and their significance in the advancement of mental health research. This day will also be an opportunity to promote meetings between researchers and students.


  • The morning will be dedicated to mentoring students on using biobank data in mental health. Before the symposium.
  • The afternoon will be dedicated to presentations of scientific advances made with biobank data, and we will discuss the role of biobanks in mental health research.

Guests speakers : Dre Caroline Ménard (CERVO),  Dr Robert-Paul Juster (CR-IUSMM), Dre marie-Sol Poirier (CIUSSS-CEMTL), Dre Isabel Fortier (Maelstrom), Dre Marie-Josée Quinn (Biobank CÉAMS), Philippe Kerr (Biobank Signature), Nicolas Ferry (Biobank C-BIG), Enzo Cipriani(Biobank Signature),

Details of the program 

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Dates importantes: 

May 12 2022: Signature 101 (registration and training session): Virtual

June 1, 2022: Last day for submission of proposals

June 9, 2022: Oral presentation of proposals

June 9, 2022: Winners and prices



May 12, 2022. 12am-1pm30

Virtual zoom workshop:



The IUSMM Research Centre, and Signature Biobank, are launching funding offers to students and residents for projects using biobanking data. This workshop will serve to guide students in the preparation of study proposals.  


Presentation of the Signature Biobank data
Examples of analyses illustrated by published results
Presentation of the project contest for the Signature Biobank (submission form, guidelines to accessing the biobank material)

Free registration. Registration Form.