The Signature model is inspired by the four “P”s of personalized medicine:
•    Predict and prevent: measuring mental health biomarkers in blood, saliva and hair and combining them with phenotypes (behaviour, cognition, social factors, diagnoses and medications)
•    Participate and personalize: promoting patients’ involvement in their own care and treatment by facilitating the transfer of knowledge between clinicians and users while encouraging collaboration with users based on research results obtained from the Signature Biobank and using innovations in biomonitoring and mobile information technology.

Over the course of the project, four signatures are collected from participants at critical moments in their clinical pathway, in order to understand their crisis, their response to treatment and the success of their rehabilitation. The Signature protocol includes two different groups.



In the “emergency” group, there are no exclusion criteria, so any patient admitted to the ER may participate.




In the “longitudinal follow-up” group, in order to continue, participants must have been admitted to one of two programs targeted by the project: the anxiety and mood disorder (AMD) program or the first psychotic episode (FPE) program.