General Signature Bank Data and Biospecimen Access Procedure

A PDF document to guide you in the procedure is available for download.

  • STEP 1: Present an access request to the database coordinator.
  • STEP 2: The database coordinator assesses the request and issues a response to the researcher who submitted it with an access cost estimate. This assessment involves verifying the availability of the data and possible duplication of another request.
  • STEP 3: Submit the research project to the Scientific Evaluation Committee (SEC) and Research Ethics Committee (REC). Upon receiving approval from the two (2) committees, the researcher may access raw data from the medical and psychosocial database and human biological materials.

Access Conditions

  • Consultation with the SEC is required in the event of a 70% overlap between two requests.
  • Researchers must prove that they have the funds to cover the access costs.
  • Researchers must consent to the management framework regulations.

Please see the management framework for more details.